Our Values

Niche Speech Therapy was created with the intent of providing quality therapy services that are rooted in inclusive, equitable, and neurodiversity affirming practices. We prioritize creating positive, child-centered experiences in order to empower all individuals, families, and communities.


Neurodiversity is the idea that every child has unique differences and abilities impacting how they interact with the world around them. The goal of our therapy is to use a strengths-based, child-led approach to support our clients to be the most content and fulfilled versions of themselves.

Collective Healing

We understand that working with a client is never just about one person- it’s about their community. We support your family and the communities you are part of by including parent coaching and community collaboration as integral pieces of our services.


We aim to create spaces that are inclusive to all. We also want to advocate for your family as you navigate the spaces you are a part of in order to promote inclusivity across all aspects of your child’s life.


We believe that equality is everyone getting the same opportunities; equity is everyone getting what they need. Our speech therapy services always prioritize the unique and specific needs of our individual clients and their communities.

"I have had the true pleasure of working alongside Joy for the last five years. Joy is a highly gifted and passionate SLP. I have seen Joy facilitate deep growth and confidence in children and their families. She is an enthusiastic and dedicated communication partner that effortlessly promotes inclusivity, and is driven to help families recognize and thrive given their individual needs. I can not recommend her highly enough!"

Colleague, occupational therapist