Services for children with speech and language disorders

Niche speech & language services are provided in a familiar and comfortable setting for your family. We deliver services in your home, your child’s daycare or school, or community setting in the Greater Boston area. Additionally, we provide remote services through the entire state of Massachusetts.


We are happy to offer a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your child’s communication needs, address any questions or concerns, and to determine whether an evaluation or services are recommended at this time.


We will work with you and your family to develop a customized treatment plan for your child based on their strengths and areas for growth. Our therapy is child-led, neurodiversity affirming, and evidence-based. Duration and frequency of therapy is dependent on the needs of your child.


We provide comprehensive speech and language evaluations for children ages 1-18 years. Evaluations aim to portray a holistic picture of your child and consist of standardized testing, informal observations, and caregiver interview. A written report will be provided detailing evaluation results, therapy recommendations, and intervention plans and strategies.

IEP Advocacy

Need help navigating the IEP process for your child? We offer IEP advocacy services where we help review IEP documents, work through any questions you have, accompany you to IEP meetings, or collaborate with school-based team members to ensure your child receives the services they are entitled to.

Frequently asked questions

For your convenience, here are some frequently asked questions from parents and our answers. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

Every child is different and develops at their own pace. At Niche Speech Therapy, we want to recognize and make space for the uniqueness of each child we work with. We also want to support your family if you have any concerns about your child’s language development. Some signs that your child may benefit from language support include limited or no babbling, talking very little or not talking at all, difficulty producing sounds or being understood, difficulty following directions, difficulty answering questions, difficulties playing or engaging socially with others, stuttering, difficulty with reading comprehension, or difficulties using appropriate grammar and sentence structure. If you think your child may benefit from a speech-language pathologist’s support, don’t hesitate to call us for a complimentary consultation.

We are happy to provide services for children ranging from 1-18 years of age.

At this time, all our services are private pay and we do not work with any insurance plans. A superbill can be provided upon request for families seeking reimbursement from their insurance provider for out-of-network costs. It is the responsibility of the client’s family to contact their insurance provider to discuss whether superbills are accepted for reimbursement.

Our  services are provided in your home, your child’s daycare or school, or community setting in the Greater Boston area. Additionally, we provide remote services through the entire state of Massachusetts.

Our sessions are typically 50 minutes long, but can be adjusted to meet the needs of your child. This time includes direct therapy with your child, as well as time to collaborate with and support caregivers.

We will work with you and your family to create a treatment plan customized to the needs of your child. We will collaborate to create individualized goals, determine how many sessions a week is most appropriate, and create an estimated timeline for length of treatment.

Absolutely! Many children reach their full potential when services are provided both at home and at school, as supplemental support can increase carryover of skills, target goals within different environments, and provide holistic support to the child’s caregivers and community. Best practice is when school based and private practice providers work collaboratively to support a child’s speech and language goals.

Yes! While school systems provide services to children who qualify under a strict set of federal and state education laws and regulations, therapy delivered in a private practice can support your child in a variety of different ways. We deliver services that are centered around your child’s needs in their natural environment, while school based services are targeted around allowing your child to access their school curriculum. We will discuss your child’s strengths and areas for growth to create a treatment plan that works best for your family.

Definitely! Niche Speech Therapy specializes in working with children who utilize low- and high-tech AAC devices, including communication books, voice output switches, communication applications on iPads, eye gaze devices, and more. We are happy to determine which support works best for your child and support your family on their AAC journey!

We understand that navigating the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. We are happy to support you and your family as you navigate this process by helping review school-based documents and reports, accompany you to your child’s IEP meeting, and provide you with all the rights and resources that are available to you and your child. While we are more than happy to provide this service to the clients we see for speech and language therapy, we are able to provide advocacy support to you even if we don’t directly provide therapy for your child.

“When my daughter started working with Joy, she struggled with being understood by others. After working with Joy, she has made incredible progress and her confidence has grown so much! We could not recommend Niche Speech Therapy enough.”

- Parent of school-aged child